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Mediterranean Geckos

Mediterranean Geckos. Gainesville, Florida. 2013.

These Geckos live on my front porch and hunt insects that are attracted to the porch lights at night. When they get into the house, my cat likes to chase them. They can drop their tails when threatened; the tails will later regenerate. The severed tail will wiggle on the ground, distracting a predator while the animal runs away to safety. But the new tail does not have bones and never looks identical to the original. You can see the stumpy, new tails on the back two Geckos in the photo. They are strange looking and interesting. They squeak warnings to each other when I step outside at night. When the see me, they take cover in the rock crevices of my house. These peculiar little reptiles were introduced from the Mediterranean in the early 1900's. They are widespread throughout the state, and it is unclear what kind of impact they have had on native wildlife.