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Eastern Glass Lizard

Eastern Glass Lizard. My front porch, Gainesville, Florida. 2014.

Glass lizards are also called "Glass Snakes". They look a bit like snakes, but are actually legless lizards. Once you've seen a Glass Lizard, it is easy to tell it from a snake. They are stockier and shorter. I've held them and they are very strong. Also, snakes do not have eyelids or ear holes. Glass Lizards can break off their tails to help them escape predators, which gives them their name. A new tail will grow back, but it never looks as pretty as the original. A small price to pay for survival! They live in leaf litter and like to hunt bugs. I've seen them eat snails. Our yard has a lot of leaf litter and snails, so it is a great habitat. And with a sweet face like this, who wouldn't want a Glass Lizard in the yard?

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