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Black Racer

Black Racer. La Chua Trail, Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, Gainesville, Florida. 2013.

Sorry to all of you with snake phobia. Personally, I think they are really interesting and beautiful. But in any case, Black Racers are very harmless. In fact, snakes are usually pretty shy and really do more good than harm in the long run. They eat rats and mice! Who likes rats and mice around their homes?

I encountered this Black Racer on a boardwalk near a canal. The snake seemed very reluctant to move or leave and I am fairly certain that it was stalking tree frogs. I thought it would slither away as I approached, but instead it just moved over and let me pass. It was still on the boardwalk an hour or so later when I returned, but this time was more skittish and quickly dropped off of the boardwalk and into the bushes below.

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