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Green Treefrog

Green Treefrog. Gainesville, Florida. 2012.

It's hot and humid and the reptiles and amphibians are active here in Florida. Every evening when we walk our dogs around the neighborhood pond, we're greeted by the frog chorus--the low drone of the bullfrog, the buzz of the bronze frogs, and from the trees, the rough chirp of the barking tree frogs. Florida is home to many species of tree frog. This one is a Green Tree Frog. It's one of the most common and charismatic of Florida's treefrogs. You can identify them by the green color, the white stripe along the side, and the gold spots on its back. They can often be found at night, clinging to a window under a porch light, searching for bugs. I found this cute little guy escaping the heat and sun in the cool folds of the Alligator Flag.