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Baby Armadillo

Baby Armadillo. Camp Ocala, Marion County, Florida. 2014.

I was at a conference this weekend and someone there had rescued two 10-day old baby armadillos. They were adorable and I took tons of photos! This was their 2nd time exploring outside and it was really funny watching them sniff and jump around, like little pink kittens.

Interesting armadillo facts: Armadillos always have litters of 4 and the babies are genetically identical. The litter will be all male or all female. These 2 were female. 2 of the litter mates had died. Armadillos are not native to Florida but have settled in practically everywhere. People consider them destructive pests because they dig and destroy lawns and landscapes in search for grubs and worms. I think they are strange and interesting. You can read more about them here: